Why use Beard Oil?

Our beard oils are made from oils which act as a natural sun screen, makes your beard shiny, provides antiseptic value, makes it healthy and de-tangled/tangle free.

The oil treats your beard and brings nourishment and appropriate moisture. The conditioning effect also helps keep your beard soft and itch-free.

The beard growth serum, has ingredients that stimulate blood flow to your hair follicles to enhance growth and nourish the beard.

Saint Beard: Because your beard deserves the best.

Why use Beard Wash?

A beard wash has the use case as a shampoo for your hair.

A lot of people ask us why they can’t use hair shampoo on their beard. The reason behind that is your facial skin is much more sensitive than your skull. The beard wash at Saint Beard has been carefully created to provide the apt conditioning and cleaning properties. It’s not harsh on your skin and leaves you with a fresh feeling and a tidy beard.

Why use Beard and Moustache Wax?

Normally, beard and moustache wax is very helpful in maintaining steady whiskers and completes your beard look. You can shape it any way you want it and your beard will follow the instructions.

In short, it’s used to give the beard a shape that you want! Shame that shaved guys can’t use this.

Why use Beard Brush and Comb?

Just like you need to work-out, your beard needs to too! Beard Brush and Comb not only helps strengthen your beard, but also in removing the tangles and the curls in your beard.

Brush it 3-4 times a day with top to down strokes to achieve the best results.