How to move past the itchy beard phase?

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How to move past the itchy beard phase?

Most of us men out there would love to grow a beard. Many of them have already accomplished the goal of a sexy and nurtured beard. Remainder of them give it a try but are not able to pass through the “itchy” phase. The itch overpowers their dream of growing a beard and they undergo the much hated task of shaving.

 But what if I tell you that you can stroll past that phase if you follow some simple yet effective methods. Just stay calm soldier and follow these 4 steps.

How to stop the beard itch?

1) Clean it

2) Moisturize it

3) Brush/Comb it

4) Trim it

Now these four steps sound pretty simple and easy to-do. But each one has its own importance and if not done in the right way, the itchiness will not go away!

Cleaning your beard

The initial stage of growing a beard is the most uncomfortable when it comes to itching. Thousands of dead cells are shed every day which get stuck in your beard. Once your beard holds on to them and they sit close to your face, the itch starts. Otherwise too, your beard goes through a lot every day. The pollution, dust particles, bits of previous meals(The moustache sees a lot, too) and the dead cells need to be removed.

How to clean beard

Some men out there start using regular hair shampoos, face wash and soap to clean the beard. What they are unable to understand is the fact that beard hair are much different from their head hair! Beard wash needs to have different conditioning properties which not only cleans properly, but nourishes your beard too.

Use a designated beard wash in order to clean your facial hair properly.

-Get aggressive and dive deeper to your skin when it comes to cleaning your beard.

-Rinse thoroughly and make sure none of the shampoo remains

-Dry your beard completely before moving to the next step

Moisturising your beard

Just like you get thirsty after a while, your beard gets thirsty too. As important as washing your beard is, it’s even more important to quench its thirst for oils. A good beard oil or balm is the perfect answer to that.

Your beard itches due to the razor sharp edges it received because you shaved(I mean really, why would you shave?). Those edges will hurt unless oiled properly. Don’t even think about using your hair oil on your beard. Show it some respect, man!

How to use beard oil?

  • Take a few drops of oil(according to your beard length)
  • Rub it on your palms and spread it evenly on your beard
  • Massage gently till the root of your facial hair to make sure every bit of your beard receives the care it deserves

Brush/Comb your beard

Your beard needs more nourishing than your head hair. It is in close proximity to your facial skin which is more sensitive than your head. Combing and brushing your hair will make sure your hairline is consistent in spite of the wild growth your beard may show. It will make you more comfortable with your beard.

Combing or brushing your beard post washing and oiling it will help spread the oil to the roots and reach every hair follicle. This will directly help in reducing the itch on your skin.

Combing beard

So comb your whiskers and sing along -

Comb your whiskers several times a day.
Make it nice and tidy and you'll be okay.
You must make your whis-kers o-bey.
And the Beard Comb Dance is the only way.


Trim your beard

Everyone loves beard but nobody wants a wild and unfarmed beard. The facial hair will grow in a haphazard way initially. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep them in shape and trim.


Trimming your beard

Cut off the extra hair around the moustache and cheek area. They’ll be clearly visible and should not be difficult to chop off. Not only will this help in reducing the itchiness in your beard, but will also make sure your beard is groomed to perfection!

Saint tip: Don't use a trimmer to trim your beard. A scissor works much better. It provides you more control.



Any other problem that you are facing? We would love to help you with that beard brothers! 

Keep growing, Keep grooming!


  • Helen

    To repress itching, some techniques can be used. such as –
    Use clean shaving gadgets, Avoid deep shaving, Give your beards time to grow approximately two to four week before shaving, Moist your beard with a moisturizing shampoo. Always use better equipment when shaving so as to repress the chances of your hair peering your skin, thus causing irritation.
    Use medication as prescribed by a dermatologist to cure the condition.

  • artrix

    i am looking for buying beard growth serum …. can u please send me precautions that how to apply the serum??
    hands ??

  • arnav

    Hi there, I am 17 old but I am struggling to grow facial hair. Can Saint beard oil help out this problem?

  • Rishabh Saxena

    i have patches on my cheeks…
    means like space…i don’t have complete facial hairs…
    i want beard properly… dark black… manly look…heavy beard… ❤
    what to do? ..
    how to gt it??

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