5 beard styles that will be hugely popular during No Shave November

5 beard styles that will be hugely popular during No Shave November

It’s Movember(a portmanteau of “Mo” – Moustache and “November”) or as some people call it No Shave November time, bearded and other brothers. If you don’t know what it is, No Shave November is a worldwide event to raise awareness about different types of cancer due to which they lose their hair. So it’s time you throw your razors away and start growing that face forest.

Now there are various types of beards that you can sport. Let’s talk about the most popular ones:

Short Beard

Not sure if a beard will suit you? Try the short beard and you’ll know. This is the most kept beard style this year. Wherever you go, you will see men with a short beard. It needs a little more patience as it’s around this time that you start feeling the itch. This is the perfect beard style for someone whose corporate life doesn’t allow him to grow a full blown beard (I don’t understand why, but that’s a separate topic altogether).

The reason this being the most popular beard type is that it’s sophisticated and rugged at the same time. See for yourself:

short beard style



This is probably the easiest type of beard to keep. Just let it grow for 5-7 days and you’ll see a sexy stubble growing on you. A stubble never goes out of fashion and is loved by everyone (Your mom, girlfriend and boss).

stubble beard style

Keep in mind that your stubble needs to be well shaped. A scruffy stubble really doesn't look as good as a scruffy long beard.


The evergreen moustache has always been associated with Indians as it relates to our history. A good bit of pride and style attached to it too. A moustache comes in different style and types. A beard wax would definitely long way in keeping it in shape. The trendy ones are

  • The handlebar moustache

handlebar moustache style

  • The horseshoe moustache

horseshoe moustache style

  • The one for all Cowboy moustache and

cowboy moustache style

  • The scruffy moustache with a goatee

scruffy moustache with a goatee

Long Beard

Long beards. Ah! How we all adore them and wish to have one. The masculine, sexy and hipster (Well, almost) style. You need to start a little before November if you want this style but it’s never too late to start growing one. The perfect companion to keep you warm during winters and keep your woman happy! Go out, grow one.

long beard style


This stylish piece of beard can be worn if you like to keep a handlebar moustache and a gorgeous beard attached to it. Inspired by the Italian Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901), this beard type needs to be styled appropriately in order to look.

verdi beard style

Bonus: Van Dyke

The greatest example of a Van Dyke beard is Pierce Brosnan. The former James Bond tells us how beards are ageless. Have a look and decide for yourself:

van dyke beard style

What beard style are you planning to keep this November? Tell us, fellow Saints.

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    I need a long beard look i never used razors yet its always a zero machine i use ihav acomplished somewhat a gotye bt i wna grow a forest a forest with a proper care so need ya tips n ur suppliments to support in a combo n xplanation hw to impliment

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