Be a B(e)a(r)dass – take the trend from celebrities

Be a B(e)a(r)dass – take the trend from celebrities

Gone are the days when clean shaven look turned heads around. A well groomed beard with crisp fine beard lines is what adds to your oomph factor now. Bearded men are the new synonym for classy. Don’t believe? Well, you will have to after going through the list of the celebrities who took up the bearded look and transformed into someone stunning:

  • Robert Downey Jr. : The Iron Man made a shout out for the goatee beard, more commonly known as the Iron Man beard or Tony Stark beard. Both well groomed and manly, the beard adds a style statement to the face of the award winning actor. Crisp fine lines and a perfect shape – he just provided beard goals.

Robert Downey Jr Beard

  • Ranveer Singh : Known for experimenting and his ready-to-risk attitude, Ranveer Singh gets it all right with different styles. Be it a stubble or a full-grown beard, he proudly flaunts them all. His recent moustache and dense full grown beard has created enough buzz and made most people go wow.

ranveer singh beard

  • Leonardo DiCaprio: With a well chiseled face, the actor can show off any beard style with sheer elegance. The rugged full grown beard with a carefully trimmed moustache adds to his charisma.

Di Caprio Beard

  • Shahid kapoor: With a huge female fan following, Shahid Kapoor just added to his male fans with his fuzzy bearded look. From a chocolaty boy to an intense manly appeal, Shahid proved why bearded look is enthralling.

shahid kapoor beard



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  • Virat Kohli: Whether it’s on field playing cricket or in real life, Virat Kohli never fails to score a century. Precisely trimmed, his beard gives the impression of a sharp jawline. The look of a goatee and the sharp lines leaves us all awestruck. What a hit.

virat kohli beard


  • Chris Hemsworth: The recent stubble sported by Chris Hemsworth ensures that his name be added to the list. Flattered by his looks? Not to worry, the Thor will “accept your surrender”.

                                            thor beard

Make your look star-studded by adopting a bearded look. A star resides in each one of us. It’s time to shine. #be_a_b(e)a(r)dass. What’s your beard style?



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