How to fix a patchy beard

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How to fix a patchy beard

You spend your formative years looking up to bearded wizards like Gandalf the great, Obi-Wan Kenobi or The Nawabs of ancient India, fully expecting to one day join their ranks. Then, one day you find yourself in one of the most dreaded turn of hairy events, thin, uneven patches in your beard. Yes, that happens, the truth is not all breads grow the same. While your friend would be picking out crumbs from his chin blanket, chances are you’d be struggling to get a full bodied moustache. We're here to provide you solution for the patchy beard.


Patchy beard and how to fix it

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If you find yourself on the splotchy end of the facial-hair spectrum, don’t worry. The good news is we have some tips and remedies to help you out of the woods, although there’s no magic potion for miraculously filling in the gaps and growing a full-fledged beard overnight, there are ways to work with what you’ve got. 

Let It Grow

Don’t pick up the razor yet! Chances are you’ve never given your beard the opportunity to flourish. Once those first patches pop up after a week or two, you go straight for the razor. It’s patchy circle and doesn’t do any good but keep you in perpetual state of patchiness. The next time you feel the urge to clean shave your stubble, don’t. Give yourself at least a month and use Saint beard’s growth serum, while it may not give you a dense mane like that of  Zach Galifianakis and make new hair follicles grow, it will certainly give a boost to the existing follicles making the hair grow faster.

don't shave your patchy beard

There is no other way you can get that majestic look by constant deforestation technique. We’d suggest you rough it out and be a man! or

Short Master

So, you went all hog but patches just won’t give you a break? No worries. The lumberjack look is anyway too common these days; you wouldn’t to get lost in the sea of pseudo lumbers now, would you? Try opting for a more refined five-o clock shadow. Shorter than a beard but not quite a stubble, this look gives a much clean and contained touch. Grow out your beard for a month, don’t worry about the itch and focus more on the shaping and trimming aspect.

The key

You know, your facial hair is as important as the hair on your head, so why no treat it the same too? If your hair is unruly, oil it and condition it every time after shampooing, Saint Beard’s beard oil works like a charm and keeps those unruly strands soft. Although avoid shampooing too often. And don’t forget to give your beard a good brushing in the direction of your growth; this will help fill out the not so dense areas.

Embrace It

Have you seen Johnny Depp?! He has a patchy beard and is too cool! See what we are getting at? Sometimes patchy isn’t so bad. If the whole package looks sharp, then a patchy beard can add an element of ruggedness.

Johnny Depp Patchy Beard

So go ahead show them the oh so rugged you!


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