How to quickly groom your beard for that early morning meeting

How to quickly groom your beard for that early morning meeting

Early morning meetings can be an absolute bummer and we know that all too well! A lot of times, we get caught in the rush and may end up appearing for meetings with a sloppy, mismanaged beard. This, without a doubt, sets a wrong impression. A well groomed beard is a sign of personal hygiene, something that he corporate world expects of you apart from the 2800 other things that are expected of you!

So here’s a quick guide to grooming your beard before rushing out for that early morning meeting!


beard trim for meeting

TRIM- Brush out your beard with a wide toothed comb and get a hold of your trimmer. Put it on the desirable setting, depending on how closely you want the beard to be done, and get on with it! Remember to not wet your beard before trimming, as that elongates your beard and makes it problematic to guess how much to trim or not.


WASH- A good wash is essential to make your face mane, manageable. Do not, however, under any circumstances, use regular shampoo that you use to wash hair. A Beard Wash helps keep the natural oil intact which regular shampoos strip off to get rid of the grease (sebum oil) in your hair. But same sebum oil is crucial for your beard to keep it nourished and looking natural. Hence wash your beard with an effective beard shampoo!


ENHANCE- Use your reliable beard oil or balm and apply it smoothly all over your beard. Since we are cutting out the washing part to save time during the early morning rush, a good oil/balm is necessary to make your beard look, feel and smell good.  This helps your beard to look sharp and clean and in its place.



These three steps are an absolute hack when it comes to quickly tending to your beard before rushing out of your house. This helps you to not look sloppy and over all add value to your appearance. Let’s not forget, a well-groomed beard is always a sign of reliability!



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