Tempted to say bye to your beard? How to Stop, Think, And Reconsider!

Tempted to say bye to your beard? How to Stop, Think, And Reconsider!

So you’ve successfully grown a full beard and you’ve come across that definitive feeling of having achieved something strangely satisfying. But having sported your cherished beard for some time, there may be certain situations that tempt you to think about going for a clean shave.

These reasons for this can be varied! Usually when we consider chopping off our hair- be it on our head or on our face- it can signify some immense change that’s seeping into your life. It could be the pressure of having to look a certain way for your new job, to appear more presentable. It could also be an attempt to please the woman who matters- be it your mother who just wants to “see more of your face” or your lady love who feels “the beard is getting boring”. It may just be that you want to just casually go for some change in your overall style.

stop. don't shave

In all these situations or any other that may be chewing on your consciousness to chop that glorious man hair off, the first task you should take up is STOP!

think before you shave

The best thing to do whenever your head is buzzing with some uncharacteristic thoughts is to absolutely stop. Just stop all the thoughts plaguing your head. A clear head is the necessity of the hour and the first step to making rational decisions. Once you have achieved this, it’s time for you to venture into the next step, that is, THINK.

It’s now time to think with a clear head. Go back to the time when you desperately wanted to grow a beard. Go back to the time when you knew exactly why you wanted it. Think about those reasons and ponder over those emotions. This will help you value the worth of your beard all over again and realise how it completely defines you. Once you’ve done this, it’s time for you to RECONSIDER!

Now that you are in the reconsidering phase, we’ll have you know that there are ways about this temptation that plagues you!


If you’re tired of your full beard, you can always go for a trim. Trim off some length of your beard and it will help you feel different about chopping the whole thing off. A trimming is always better than a baby face at the end of a clean shave!



A full beard may be too much for you to maintain at a particular time. Or not suiting your new environments and that is understandable. The best way around this is to go for a different beard style altogether! If you want to experiment with your beard, here are the latest trending beard styles



If you want to go for a change in your overall look, the best way to go about it without putting your beard through the trauma is to change something else about your look which is easily disposable. Go for a wardrobe makeover, a change in your hairstyle or even get some new pair of glasses/shades.



That’s the best way to tell the women of your life why you don’t want to let go of your beard. Tell them how it is a part of you and how it defines you.  Proper communication is always a trump card and we will elaborate on this on our later blogs! For now, just know, communication is key.

Once you’ve gone through the three steps and adopted one of the alternatives to chopping off your beard, you will realise how big a disaster you have successfully averted! For now, keep the love growing, both within and without!

If you have a personal experience to share regarding how you avoided chopping off your beard, do write to us or comment below!


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  • Barry Dean

    After growing my beard for 10 months and having it look great for ‘Santa’ and Christmas… it was time to trim it waaaaaaaay back. I had ‘razors remorse’ within seconds after the first gash!! But it had to be done. It’ll grow back for next year and the kiddies will believe once again that there really is a Santa Claus!

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