Mistakes made by a man with a beard.

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Mistakes made by a man with a beard.

We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to beard grooming.

If you’ve just acquainted with your beard or you’ve been growing it for months, at some point you’ll lose focus for just a second and BAM, you’ve lost months or years worth of growth!

But bro, you are NOT alone…

Where ever the beard goes, the one owning it leaves a legendary mark behind. It becomes a Style statement and a reflection of your personality, marking the dawn of your Manhood.

It’s said that “you learn from your mistakes”, But a Saint once said you can simply learn by reading further.

 1) Trimmed too much? OH NO!!

Every bearded man knows how much time and effort they put into growing that magnificent beard.

So when it comes to trimming your furry face being a little careful doesn’t cut it. You need be EXTRA EXTRA careful.

It can be quite a tricky task, which can lead to accidents every now and then.
And trimming your beard unevenly is a bummer. Losing your beard can make you cry but losing it when you had no intention. That feeling kills you bro.

Some trimmers are so messed up they’ll actually bring tears to your eyes not because they’re not trimming evenly, but when they tangle in with your long beard and within a split second just rip it off your chin, Ouch! That hurts badly.

So next time those trimmers come your way and if you are not ready, you turn the other way and you run.


Here's a video which talks about how to trim your beard correctly. 

2) Using the Wrong Product? OH NO!

When it comes to keeping a beard and moustache, it’s one of the greatest decisions you could’ve made but like every other part of your body you need to take really good care of it and provide it with the best of beard grooming products out there because trust me an untidy beard is the last thing anyone wants to see in the morning.
I bet you wouldn’t want to be the reason behind someone else having a bad day.

Making good use of the following, your beard can have all the suave it wants.

a) Beard oil

Beard Oil

Buy Beard oil in India

You do oil your hair, don’t you? So why not your beard too?

    It also needs the nourishment to grow into a legendary beard it was always meant to be. The Saint Beard oils are a quintessential grooming product that helps support and grow different types of facial hair. The oils are made with essential oils that give different fragrances.

    But just slapping the beard oil on your face and moving on with your daily routine, doesn’t help. You need to know how to use the Oil

    b) Beard wax

                  Beard Wax

      Buy Beard wax 

      You wanting to shape your beard but going overboard with anything can be dangerous or rather hard in this case. Using beard wax helps give your beard the look you desire but if you apply too much wax it can make your beard hard like a rock. Like seriously you can hurt someone with that. 

      c) Beard Brush & comb

                           Beard Brush

                                                                 Buy Beard Brush                                                     

        You most certainly cannot talk about using just any brush for combing your beard. The brush/comb is utilized to distribute beard oils and balm into all the hair on your face. The comb helps to ensure you do not miss any areas of the beard that you would, if you were only using your fingers to spread the oils.

        So my bearded brother I hope the Saint's words were true. You learnt something today; you grow a legendary beard tomorrow.



        • Shreyans

          Hi Udit,

          Itchy beard is a problem faced by a lot of men out there and we tend to shave in order to get rid of that. I’d suggest you use a beard wash and oil regularly to make the hair follicles softer. Not only will that reduce the itch, but it will also make your stubble look better.

          Hope this helps.

          Saint Shreyans

        • Udit

          I can’t grow my beard because it itches a lot. What can I do?

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