Monsoon beard problems? Here's how to tackle them

Monsoon beard problems? Here's how to tackle them


Having trouble maintaining your beard in the monsoon? While the beard gives you a great look, the season might make it difficult to handle. Now, something awesome deserves a little effort, doesn't it? Fret not, we will provide you with solutions to problems you might be facing. So, this monsoon, don't give in to your beard problems. Here's how:

 Itchy beard:

  • Problem: Because of the humid weather in this season, one tends to perspire a lot. But the sweat doesn't evaporate easily due to moisture in air. As a result, the salts in the sweat cause irritation and itching. Now, scratching your beard every now and then isn't a solution. 

Itchy beard solution

  • Solution: To avoid this, use beard wash to clean your beard of the excessive salts causing irritation. Followed by a good beard oil to nourish your beard.

 Rough beard:

  • Problem: The humidity and the dirt can lead to rough beard hair which gives a bad beard shape.
  • Solution: Using Beard oil to nourish the beard hair with the requisite nutrients is a good idea. Use beard brush to comb the hair later to get smooth hair.


  • Problem: Monsoon may make your skin oily. The dirt, when attaches to this oil, causes acne and it is worse when caused in beard. The key to prevent this is clean beard.
  • Solution: Wash your beard regularly with an apt beard wash and apply beard oil

 Irregular shape:

  • Problem: Rough hair may destroy the shape of your beard.

Irregular beard shape solution

  • Solution: To maintain it in a good shape, regular trimming is necessary along with combing it with a beard brush.

 Beard dandruff:

  • Problem: A naturally occurring microbe feeds on skin oils, causing the skin cells to shed and appear as flakes. The dandruff worsens due to sweat under the beard in the humid season.
  • Solution: Just like your scalp hair, beard dandruff can also be treated by washing it with shampoo. Here comes the use of beard wash. It helps in preventing dandruff and contains ingredients that moisturize and protect the skin.

You see, a little care and you can make it through the tough time without having to shave off your beard. #BlessYourBeard



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