Why your Beard Oil should not contain Mineral Oil - Beard Oil Tips

Why your Beard Oil should not contain Mineral Oil - Beard Oil Tips

A lot of products available in the market for your beard contain mineral oils, even some of the best brands out there! But it is high time that you stop and think, whether products containing mineral oil should be used at all. And there are quite a few poignant reasons for this.

Mineral oil is refined out of industrial crude oil which is a bi-product of the petroleum industry. Crude oil contains toxins and human grade carcinogenic elements that can adversely affect us. The kinds of purified material used in the various products available to us are termed as cosmetic grade mineral oil. This grade of crude oil has been termed to be safe for use.

It may be safe for use, but is it really helpful?

Here are 2 basic reasons that will tell you otherwise!

  1. Mineral Oils Clog our Pores

If you have naturally oily skin, combination skin or even sensitive skin, you are already aware what a nightmare it can be when a product clogs your pores. When our pores are clogged, there is no free flow of air into our follicles. This can end up in rashes, break outs, blackheads or just damage the healthy natural circulation of moisture in your beard. Though mineral oils may help trap moisture for people with dry skin, but this does not justify the fact that it does not do anything else apart from clogging up your pores, which can even be harmful for the regular skin care of people with dry skin. Moreover, this might reduce your beard growth as well.


  1. They have zero benefits for our skin

Apart from blocking our pores, mineral oil literally has no other use to for us. It does not infuse nutrients into your skin neither does it help your skin to hydrate. All it does is create a trapping to prevent moisture loss. And though this may seem like a good enough reason for a lot of people, we would just like to point out that it is not! In our age and day when we are moving away from processed ingredients to natural and more beneficial products, it’s best to opt for solutions that are much more nurturing.

And though there is no study that indicates that cosmetic grade mineral oil may be carcinogenic for humans, scientists have not entirely ruled out the possibility. This suggests that there is a chance that the mineral oils, however purified, still retain some carcinogenic and toxic quality that can be extremely dangerous to us later in life.

The best way to be wary and to opt for better skin and beard care products is to go for natural ingredients over synthetic ones like mineral oils. This can assure us better results because of the ingredients’ capacity to nourish your skin in more ways than one and it also ensures us that no unseen damage is being done to us either!

The Beard Oils containing mineral oils will be available for cheap in the market. Don't fall for that. Next time you're buying a beard oil, read the ingredients and take the right decision.

So ditch those products with mineral oils and go natural for your beard! At Saint Beard, we use 100% natural, high quality oils to provide your beard the best nourishment. 



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