FAQs about Beard and Beard products

Beard related Questions:

Q) Hi, I am 15-25 and I can’t grow a beard. What do I do? 

Saintbeard's Answer: There are some people who struggle with beard growth when they are young. It does however start coming in eventually. If you don’t have any growth whatsoever, maybe you should start looking at your daily regime and diet. Are you working out enough? Are you eating well? These questions may seem a little weird but you’d be surprised how much it effects your beard growth. Testosterone is the hormone that transforms boys into men is essential for growing a beard. Though everyone has testosterone in their bodies (women do too), the levels of the same increase drastically during puberty which causes a wide array of changes in our bodies including growth of facial hair. Only way for you to increase the levels of testosterone is to start working out rigorously and eating lots of proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of hair and also stimulate muscle growth. 


Q) My beard is very patchy and it doesn’t grow thick. What do I do?

Saintbeard's Answer: Well my man, we have just the product for you. The Beard Growth Serum.  It will help you make your beard denser and make it to grow faster.

Q) My beard is curly. How do I groom it?

Saintbeard's Answer: Curly beard is a common phenomenon when it comes to facial hair. There are a few things you can do in order to get reduce the curliness: 

1) Comb your beard regularly: Combing helps in straightening the beard and makes the roots stronger. Even removes the tangled hair if you have a legendary beard.

2) Wash and Oil your beard: Regular grooming by washing and oiling your beard helps removing the curls from your beard


Beard Growth Serum/Oil related Questions:

Q) How do I apply the beard oil/serum? How much should I use and how many times?

Saintbeard's Answer: Start by washing your beard(preferably a beard wash) thoroughly and dry it off with a towel. Take a couple of drops(or more if desired)x` in your palm and rub it between our hands before running them through your beard. Apply as evenly as possible and make sure the oil/serum reaches the roots of your beard. We recommend that you do this once a day.

Q) Are there any side-effects of using this product?

Saintbeard's Answer: No, there are none since our products are made from 100% natural essential oils.

Q) How long until I see results while using the Growth Serum?

Saintbeard's Answer: You will start seeing the results in your beard growth after 10-15 weeks of continuous usage. For better results, use beard wash with the growth serum.