How to use Beard Products?

How to use Beard Oil/ Beard Growth Oil?

Start by washing your beard, preferably with a beard wash thoroughly and dry it off with a towel. Take a couple of drops (or more if desired – depending on the thickness of your beard) in your palm and rub it between our hands before running them through your beard. Apply as evenly as possible and make sure the oil/growth oil reaches the roots of your beard. We recommend that you do this atleast once every day.

How to use Beard Wash?

Take a small portion of wash with water and rub into your hands to get a nice soapy lather. Apply it deep into your beard, making sure to really massage right down to the root of the hair follicle to remove any dead skin cells that have accumulated since you stopped shaving.

Hair follicle blockages are no fun and could make your beard hair fall out. Leave the shampoo in your beard for a minute or so to allow all the oils from the beard shampoo to get soaked into the hair and skin.

Rinse thoroughly. Apply Saint Beard - Beard Oil after this to get the perfect beard.

How to use Beard and Moustache Wax?

1) After you drying your beard, open the Saint beard – Beard and Moustache wax and scrape off a good thumbnail-sized dab of beard wax with your thumb or a fingernail.

2) Rub the wax into the palm of your hand until it melts. This is important! If you do not melt the wax, then you'll leave clumps of it in your beard that will stick with you all day. Once the wax is melted, rub your hands together.

3) For Beards: Apply it to your beard by swiping your hands in a downwards motion on the front of your beard. Do this over and over again until you get the beard wax all over the front of your beard. If your beard is long and thick, you may need to get another chunk and add it to your beard.

   For Moustache: Apply it to your moustache and shape the way you want to. Make sure you apply it evenly to get the desired look and get your handlebar right, bro!

4) Grab a beard comb and gently comb your beard to shape. You'll notice that your beard will stay in whichever direction you comb it!

How to use beard brush and comb?

  1. Make sure your beard is dry; avoid using a brush right after using a hairdryer on your beard.
  2. Brush with downward movement once to get rid of any dead skin stuck in the beard.
  3. Apply Saint Beard - Beard Oil
  4. Start at the bottom of your beard with short, slow, but fairly strong strokes, transitioning up the face towards the cheekbones or ears. This will better distribute the oil.
  5. Now, use the brush to get the beard into the shape you desire. The more you brush your beard, the more willing the hairs will be to go in the direction you choose and the oil will spread better and reach the roots. Remember to brush gently and not more than 3-4 strokes on each part. Excessive brushing can lead to hair breakage.

For more stiff and exact shaping, you can apply some beard wax, and quickly brush the beard into the desired shape before the wax dries and stiffens.