Saint Beard-Activated Charcoal Peel Off Mask

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Saint Beard’s Peel Off Mask:
Tired of peel-off masks that either just peel off and don’t do anything or simply peel your skin off?
Well, Saint Beard has the perfect middle ground covered for all your skin detox needs.

Hit the Pores: Bentonite clay and the famed activated charcoal goes in deep and cleans skin pores
thoroughly and detoxifies the skin, which makes this your greatest companion after your daily
battles in the urban jungle.

Pollution’s Bane: The anti-pollution powers of this mask battle your invisible opponents, destroying
their efforts and their effects like dirt and excess oil.

Healer Dealer: Tea tree oil and calendula flower extract have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
properties, which heal your battle scars and protect the skin from pollution, while Vetiver oil
promotes skin growth and getting you ready for the next skirmish.

The Fresh feel of Victory: Aloe Vera and peppermint oil provide you with the deserved coolness and
relaxed feeling of being the champ.

100% SAFE FOR USE AND 110% ready to battle.